There are many pool players that earn a lot of money just by playing in world tournaments. In this article, we discuss how to play pool like a pro. In only a matter of days, you are going to impress your friends. They will say you have improved a lot. When in reality, all it takes is a bit of research and you’re going to look like a pro.

Know the Proper Stance

When in position to strike a ball, always remember that your elbow is 90 degrees. Also, both of your feet should be two feet apart from each other. If it is more than that, then you won’t be able to hit the ball properly. At this point, it is best to relax and don’t think about anything else except where you are going to hit the ball. If you lose your concentration, then you’re not going to put the ball in the pocket. Finally, make sure that the cue stick is below your chin as that is what professionals always do.

Strike the Ball Properly

One look at the ball you’re supposed to strike and you should already know where to hit it for it to go to the pocket. Before any shot, make sure that you chalk your cue stick properly. It is a different story when you are about to break the set. While you are aiming at the cue ball, you should be thinking about ending your current problems so you can hit the cue ball as hard as you can. It is important to practice striking balls because you will feel mad about each strike. You may not hit the ball properly without any form of practice. You can practice your stroke by not actually hitting the cue ball until you get the hang of it.

Choose the Perfect Pool Cue

You’d want to use the perfect pool cue throughout the night as that would lead you to incredible victories. It is important to get a feel of the pool cue’s butt. When you feel comfortable, you know you are dealing with the best one available. Of course, the same can’t be said when you feel like the pool cue is a little rough. You should go for another option immediately. It won’t do you any harm if you try and take a shot with each pool cue until you find the one that you like. After all, it would hurt getting stuck with the wrong one when someone else decides to use the one that you like. You can go to a store and select from pool cues made from wonderful materials. When you choose the pool cue that you like, remember to always take good care of it.

Perfecting the Aim

Know where you are going to strike the ball you’re supposed to hit just by taking a look at it. Of course, you should not aim to put the ball in but also to prepare the cue ball for the next shot. It is a lot easier said than done but you will get it done in no time with the right amount of practice. One way to calculate for the aim is to measure it with your pool cue. After knowing the angle to strike the ball with, you can next concentrate on how you are going to hit the ball there. There are a lot of ways in doing so but you must do it in the best way possible for you to win the game. In this game, you should never feel sorry for your opponent. You should always find out the best ways to win the game so you can impress your peers.
Now that you know how to play pool like a pro, better not become too arrogant and show off your skills to all your friends. It is normal to challenge everyone to a game just to show how much you’ve improved. However, you can expect some of your opponents to be sore losers. They won’t take losing too kindly so expect them to hit you with all they got. When that happens, better walk away and avoid continuing the fight. It would be better to leave as the better man and not some type of war freak.